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is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund

is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund

is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization established in 2003 to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

Rural Development Fund




International Land Coalition (ILC) Asia Land Forum and Regional Assembly has conducted in Kyrgyzstan

Participation of RDF in ILC's Forum

RDF took part in festival "Shirge Zhyar" in Talas region

LOSL took part in a Global Forum on the Conservation of the Snow Leopard

Participation of members of international network “Land of Snow Leopard ” at the Forum on preserving Snow Leopard in Bishkek

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Summer Pastoral Schools



As for me, participation in pastoral school on traditional animal treatments was the most significant event that has happened in my life. Now I can say for sure - I found myself. I do know what profession I have to have in future. I really want to become an expert in animal husbandry. I think this filed is not only extremely important for now, but also interesting! In addition, I met many people from whom I learned a lot and we became friends!

Saltanat, the student of Kyrgyz Agrarian Academy


In the framework of projects on Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge the RDF team worked on a number of interesting and exciting activities: we conducted researches not only within the Kyrgyzstan, but also abroad, collected a lot of materials rich both in their quantity and content, organized and conducted two, the Northern and Southern, fairs of traditional knowledge involving local and foreign pastoralists and held pastoral summer schools at jailoos.


Summer pastoral schools named «Pastoralist-to-Pastoralist»

have become one of the most important and significant components of the project. In the frame of the project there were four pastoral schools carried out in summer 2010: school for traditional yak-breeding was held at Solton Sary jailoo in Naryn rayon, school for traditional treatment of animals at Kilemche jailoo in Jumgal rayon. School for traditional life and culture of Kyrgyz people was organized at Kok-Oyrok jailoo in Kemin rayon and school for secrets of raising stallions and racehorses - at Tastar Ata jailoo in Ton rayon. We have chosen these areas as traditional knowledge is most used and practiced there, and this fact is much important in practical performance of classes.


Each Summer Pastoral School lasted for 5 days,

during which all activities were carried out under the guidance of the RDF experts. We carefully prepared for each school and made many efforts to hold schools in the best way. There were over 40 students attended the pastoral schools, as well as the teachers in agricultural colleges and future livestock farmers who could use acquired knowledge in practice. In addition, there were 10 teachers of technical colleges who also took part in schools in order to use the gained knowledge in their professional activities, for


I thank organizers of pastoral schools for having such a brilliant idea to hold training at jailoo! I have never had so much pleasure from learning process - it was a real fun to study on a fresh air, be far away from city and its noise and ado, and, what is most important, to apply theory in practice. I hope that I will have another chance to take part in other pastoral school again! I advise everybody not to miss an opportunity to attend such kind of courses.

Isradin, the student of Naryn agricultural college


instance, training farmers, livestock breeders, farmers, entrepreneurs, and other agricultural specialists.


There were 12 keepers and practitioners of Traditional Knowledge

and experience on nomad lifestyle of Kyrgyz people. It should be mentioned that all trainers were trained on training skills and each of them had developed training methodology, module and training materials.


Each of the pastoral school consisted of two parts: theoretical part, during which participants were provided by information "in theory", and practical part, during which participants could use "in practice" knowledge and skills that they have learned previously. For instance, during the practical sessions participants had an opportunity to go to the distant pastures, use and try methods of animal treatment, collect medicinal herbs, cook nomadic food, play games at jailoo, assemble and disassemble a yurt on their own, and get to know secrets of breeding and caring of yaks and horses.


After holding pastoral schools we finalized the methodology of the pastoral school at jailoo. The RDF experts developed 4 training modules, as well as applied innovative methods of carrying out trainings at jailoo conditions. Materials that were gathered during the researches in Osh, Batken, Talas, Issyk-Kul, Chui, Naryn and Jalalabad oblasts were used in training materials of pastoral schools. Besides, we have included materials obtained in ethnic Kyrgyz communities during trips to China Turkey into the structure of training sessions.



I really want to attend such pastoral school once again. After I told about my classmates about my participation in summer school, now they also want to take part in it. If there are other pastoral schools, I'll be happy to take part in it.

Talasbek uulu Baiysh, a student of Talas agricultural college


Main topics of Pastoral Schools

Traditional use of pastures, secrets of breeding of yaks and raising racehorses and stallions, traditional life and culture of nomadic Kyrgyz people: rites and customs, types of yurts (assembling and dissembling, decoration), a nomadic cuisine, games at jailoo, as well as traditional methods of animal treatment.


Each summer pastoral schools was held in an interesting and exciting manner, all participants, as well as organizers, had a pleasure from the process of learning and acquiring new knowledge and interactions with each other. Many students of schools noted that participation in summer pastoral schools was an unforgettable experience in unexplored world of fascinating traditional knowledge and practices. Since the end of school we received a lot of positive feedback from pastoral schools participants, who still asking and looking for new pastoral schools.


We can say for sure that there was a tremendous work done on collecting and researching traditional knowledge, as well as on use of these materials during summer pastoral schools. All participants of summer pastoral schools gained an outstanding and unforgettable experience and skills, which will be useful for them later, whereas RDF made another step toward new discoveries, ideas and new possibilities. 

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