Capacity Building Of The Local Government Bodies In Prevention Conflicts In The Mining Regions

The problem of conflicts between people and mining organizations is an urgent issue in Kyrgyzstan. In this connection RDF has launched a project on mitigation the  conflicts in the mining area.

Goals And Objectives

– To increase awareness of the local population about the specifics of mining companies;

– To increase the awareness of local authorities in order to improve management of mineral resources. This will benefit the environment and local economic development, increase local revenues, improve municipal services, as well as prevent conflicts;

– To establish effective mechanisms for information distribution between local authorities, communities and mining companies;

– To conclude investment agreements between local authorities and mining companies.

Key Facts:

Period of Implementation:

April 5 – November 30, 2013.

Place: Yurievka AO (Issyk-Ata district of Chui oblast), Kunchygysh AO (Ton district) and Tamga AO (Jeti-Oguz district of Issyk-Kul oblast).

Donor: Organization For Security and Cooperation in Europe

Contact person:

Main Activities

1. Training local governments, communities and companies on their participants in the budgeting process

RDF chose three municipalities on the basis of the presence (availability) of mineral resources, the interest of local government bodies in cooperation, presence of geological studies / mining companies.

RDF hired consultants and conducts in-depth training on management of local budgets and public participation in decision-making process.

RDF works with companies and conducts consultations and other appropriate events related to social and corporate responsibility, as well as the joint study of the needs of local communities.

2. Joint study of needs of the local communities

RDF conducts media work with local communities (meeting of initiative groups, focus groups and rural gatherings / meetings). On the basis of this work a priority list of the economic and social needs of local communities will be drawn up.

RDF holds round table with the participation of local governments, investors, and government representatives.

In the end there a public hearing to discuss the impacts of the activities of the investor on the socio-economic development of selected municipalities will be conducted. Impact on the local budget will be measured by the land tax from the rental of agricultural land, non-tax payments, rent for land and other voluntary contributions of geological studies / mining companies. The results of the public hearing will be reflected in the signed agreement between the municipality and the investor to implement a joint plan for local development. Changes in the local budget will be approved by the local council.

Expected results
Local governments will get knowledge and skills in working with local mining companies, and thereby be able to replenish the local budget.
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