Short-term Initiative to Maintain Stability in Bishkek

PATRIOT Self-defense group


Personal Stories

There are a lot of concerned people among residents of the Kyrgyz Republic, who are not willing to standing apart in the time of crisis. People unite into formal and informal groups, associations, self-defense groups and make own feasible contribution to improving of the present situation. Such groups and movements’ activities based on good will and true enthusiasm of participants, demonstrate their importance and usefulness to the whole population. However, a lack of financing of their first and foremost needs, like fuel, food and communications equipment, negatively affects the efficiency of their activities.

The RDF staff has made own contribution in maintaining the stability in Bishkek by providing short-term assistance to self-defense groups during time of unsteadiness and risks. From June 11, 2010the initiative group, which consisted of RDF staff, provided organizational support to the brave work that PATRIOT does. The PATRIOT applied the initiative group with request to help in kind (e.g. food, communications equipment), which in turn was procured through appropriate channels and properly accounted for by the initiative group. There was a special dedicated bank accountto be used, and members of initiative group tracked all incoming donations and expenditures.

The goal of short-term initiativewas to unite the efforts of city guests and dwellers, as well as those all who has a strive and opportunity to help the country by providing the preventive measures to maintain the peace and order in Bishkek city by means of self-defense groups, and organizing the fundraising to reinforce the efficacy of the PATRIOT’s activities. 

The Program objectives were

– to create the money fund by accumulating financial resources – donations of organizations and people, residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic;

– to purchase the equipment and other necessary facilities for an efficient activities of the PATRIOT self-defense group;

– to purchase the defender facilities for members of the PATRIOT;

– to finance the expenses for provision of efficient communication between the members of the self-defense group.


The fundraising was carried out by invocatory and explanatory work among dwellers and guests of Bishkek, as well as those who were living outside of the country and not indifferent to the fate of Kyrgyzstan, particularly, to the safety and well-being of Bishkek city.

A person responsible for fundraising made the list of potential donators and a database with their contact information. The invocatory and explanatory work was carried out by means of personal meetings with interested parties, by telephone negotiations and distribution of information by e-mail.

The use of financial aid to be collected

Acquisition of the equipment and other useful facilities
Collected financial resources were used on purchasing of the necessary equipment and defender facilities for the members of the PATRIOT (Here you can get the list of equipment been boughtfor the Group). A person responsible for purchase received the request of the PATRIOT for their needs and necessities for maintaining their ongoing activities. After agreeing with the chairman and initiator, he searched for and purchased the requested goods. During the purchase procedures the rights of receiver (PATRIOT) were carefully protected, as well as the benefit/cost ratio principle. In addition, the RDF initiative group has assisted in organizing the receipt of property grant (copier, desk top computer, scanner) given by Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.

Arrangement of feeding of the PATRIOT members during night-time patrols

The part of collected financial resources were used for arrangement of feeding for the members in nearby cafes or/and canteens.

Initiative Close 

After the national referendum has past and the situation has been stabilized, on June 29, 2010 the initiative of short-term support of PATRIOT team was over. RDF on behalf of PATRIOT team thanks everybody who helped the Group and made his/her own contribution into maintaining the stability in Bishkek.

Reporting and transparency
All donations are registered in the registration book of financial resources. The initiate group of RDF made its best in order to make transparent the financial flows.

Financial reporting and information about donations and donators (who wish to be announced) that was updated on daily basis is available upon the request to In addition, there is an opportunity to request the full version of financing reportingwith enclosed scanned financial documents. As it was agreed before, all remained funds after PATRIOT initiative will be used for rebuild of houses of suffered people in the South of Kyrgyzstan.

In the case of questions and/or suggestions, please email us at or call at +996 770 330 106, the contact person is Aizhan Kochonova.

Last information update: October 28, 2010



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