A Step to Rebuild Homes

Rebuilding our Brothers and Sisters’ Homes In Southern Kyrgyzstan

The program aim

to provide assistance in stabilization of situation in the South of the Republic (Osh and Djalal-Abad oblasts) by accumulating donations of concerned people and their use on rebuild of destroyed and scorched houses of families suffered in conflict area.

How did we define the needs for proving assistance?
RDF representatives in Osh and Djalal-Abad oblasts collected information about the most suffered inhabitants in the South during last unrest events. The purposeful support was provided to families according to the following criteria:

– levels of poverty

– degree of neediness measured by availability of a family to restore by its own forces

– the lack of breadwinners (which tend to be a male) in the given household (often multiple families live in the same house).

What were the mechanisms for providing assistance to beneficiaries?
The RDF representatives provided assistance in rebuilding the housing of families in Osh and Djalal-Abad oblasts selected on the basis of above mentioned criteria by purchasing the construction materials and hiring labor force.

How was transparency of donations provided?
Information on donations and donors, full report on donations and thier use, and photo materials of indigent people were regularly updated on our web-site.

Moreover, we organize the email delivery list to distribute the news about the KADAM – Emergency Program. To be included into mailing list, please send email with heading “KADAM – Emergency Program” on general@rdf.in.kg.

Express information on donations on Homes Rebuild initiative as at April 8, 2010

Total income in KGSand 20261,00
Totalincome in USD 10949,14
Total expenditure in KGSand 20061,00
Total expenditure in USD 5161,52
Total balance in KGSand 200,00
Total balance in USD 5787,89


Last information update: November 10, 2011



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