A New House for A Family of Zuhra Khakimova

A construction of residential house for the Khakimov’s family that had suffered at the result of tragic events happened in the south of the republic in summer of 2010, was initiated in December of 2010. The family members have expressed their will to attach a room with a hall to already erected small house consisted of two rooms, and allocated a place for this construction.

Prior to the beginning of construction, the RDF representatives have received an official permission from the side of this family represented by Zukhra Khakimova for the right on unhindered access to the land plot provided for a period of construction works’ execution.

By mid-January of2011, aconstruction organization selected on tender basis with observance of all norms and requirements, has completed the works on erection of the house walls, and started the works on roofing. Due to climatic conditions, a construction process has been sometimes interrupted. However this did not become an obstacle for completion of the whole construction process in scheduled date.

At the beginning of February, the works on roofing have been finished, and then the works on placing of windows, doors, as well as of room ceiling and floor have been continued. Already in the second part of February these works have been also completed.

It is necessary to note that each stage of house construction has been supervised by RDF – by its regional representative based inOsh, as well as by the responsible officers from Bishkek Central Office who have been communicating with Zukhra Khakimova on weekly basis, and who has been taking the whole house construction process under their control.

By the end of February all construction works have been finished. And now the final stage was in provision of finishing works: covering of floor with linoleum, covering of ceiling with gypsum plasterboards, finishing of walls’ external and internal sides that have been successfully done by March of 2011.

Nooruz spring holiday the Khakimov’s family has been meeting already in the newly-constructed house within their relatives and friends circle. The Zukhra Khakimova’s family members have noted that the construction company had qualitatively and timely executed construction works. They are grateful to people from the bottom of their hearts who didn’t stayed aside and came to help them in difficult for their family time.

The rendered aid provided in the form of construction the house – a shelter is extremely important and substantial because this family could have been able to do it but with great difficulties if using their own efforts or could not be able to rehabilitate their house at all.

Photo reporting on construction process

Letter of gratitude

Selecting process of constructing company



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