Story of Gulnara Kozubaeva

Events that took place in June 2010, irrevocably changed the lives of the inhabitants of Osh and Jalalabad cities. During these, many families have lost their loved ones and were left without shelter and basic living conditions. Many human stories will remain a sad mark in people’s memories as a reminder of those tragic days. One of these stories is about Kozubaevs family. We first met with the family in September 2010 and since that has not been able to forget any of the members of this family – neither the head of the family Gulnara, nor her elderly mother and six small children.

Life of Gulnara, a resident of Osh, would be completely normal if not those days in June 2010. A year ago, her family lived, like most others, with little income for maintaining family and bringing up children. The father, the main family breadwinner, worked as a postman at the local post office and provided their children with clothes and shoes, while Gulnara kept household. They confidently lived in their own land with a small farm and livestock, no better but not worse than others did. Misfortune overtook the family in spring 2010, the head of the family suddenly died, the only breadwinner and support of the family. And, as it says, the misfortune does not come alone: the tragic events of June 2010 became a devastating blow to the fate of this family – their house and all the acquired property were burned down to ashes, even an old car and livestock. The family left with nothing – no home, no support, no means for living.

Widowed Gulnara is without work and without anybody’s help raising her six children, the eldest of whom is 14 years old and the youngest is not even two years old. Prior to the construction of transitional housing, family of Gulnara, her elderly mother and six little children lived in a tent, which was constructed in the yard in the heat and cold. Gulnara’s family lives in Sharksk aiyl okmotu, which is located in the poor suburbs of Osh and predominantly populated by ethnic Uzbek.

Now a family of 8 people has been living in a transitional house which was built within the framework of state program with support of international organizations. Howver, even if a famiy members have a roof over thier heads, still the house is almost empty. There is no sufficient conditions for living of family with small children. As Gulnara, a family head, says, they are extremely needy in several household items:

1. Refrigerator

2. Kitchen stove

3. Heater

4. Blankets and mats

5. Wordrobe for clothes

Gulnara’s family periodically received humanitarian aid, but now she no longer has hope on anyone. However, even having gone through the pain of loss and sorrow, Gulnara remains resistant and a woman with a strong spirit because she has children whom she needs to bring up and educate. Now she really needs help, which will give her confidence in future, will sustain the belief that there is kindness in the world, and hard times for her family will pass away, and her children and she will be healthy and happy.

One more story. Zuhra Khakimova

Last information update: November 10, 2011



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