KADAM Support Initiative

Dear Friends, Citizens of Kyrgyzstan and

All Who Are Not Indifferent to the Fate of the People of Kyrgyzstan!

Horrific violence and instability have struck the multi-ethnic people of Kyrgyzstan. The Rural Development Fund (RDF), a nonpartisan, non-profit nongovernmental organization which has worked in all parts of Kyrgyzstan, seeked to address the troubles that have befallen the country and brought help in ways that were most needed at that time through “I Take a Step to Rebuild Houses in Communities in the Devastated South” initiative in the frame of KADAM – Emergency Program.

“I Take a Step to Rebuild Houses in the Southern Kyrgyzstan” initiative

The Rural Development Fund has the KADAM Program, where we have in the past provided small start-up grants to single-mother families for low-level income generation activities across the country. Kadam means “I take a step” in both Kyrgyz and Uzbek. Due to last tragic events taken place in the South of the Republic, RDF has initiated KADAM – Emergency Program to help suffered people in Osh and Djalal-Abad oblasts. Using this network RDF organized the provision of assistance for families suffered in the strife in the violence-afflicted Osh oblast. While the anguish of those who have suffered and lost loved ones these past days cannot be removed, RDF was committed to helping our people in the South – both Uzbeks and Kyrgyz – start rebuilding their communities, one step at a time. In the frame of this initiative we are providing help to families with female heads of households lacking strong family support networks.

First Results of The Initiative

With no specific ethnic criterion RDF provided asistance in home rebuilding to family of Zuhra Khakimova in Osh. In that way, the main stage of the Initiative was finally finished, information on which you can find on our website. For maintaing sufficient life standards it is extremely crusial not only walls of the home, but also vitally important things like household items and goods – everything that was destroyes, stolen and burn.

Creterias of selection of needy families

– levels of poverty

– degree of neediness measured by families ability to restore on its own

– the lack of breadwinners (which tend to be a male) in the given household (often multiple families live in the same house).

These are families headed by women with four or more small children whose homes and small adjacent farm plots were completely destroyed. They had no one to turn to in this time of need. Here you can find more information about a family that has already received a new built house and a family that needs in additional support. RDF experts went several times to talk to these families, their neighbors, local authorities and constantly keep in touch with families.

RDF Team

Last information update: November 10, 2011



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