Our Services

Development, Coordination and Implementation of Programs in the Area of Rural Development

RDF has a practical experience in development of projects on technical support, mobilization, involvement of local partners, provision of effectiveness and proper execution of experience and lessons learnt to be further scaled up. In its programs, the RDF is intended to cover together the management, village economy development and social equality issues. While performing its activity, the RDF is widely relies on its expertise on cooperation with broad circle of state agencies and donors for provision of validity and applicability of its programs.

Delivery of Studies and Surveys

RDF is specialized on delivery of legal, economic and social surveys. The RDF Experts are performing sociological studies, determining study strategy and methodology with consideration of local context and innovation methods, developing research tools, deliver training on study topics, and make analysis that reflects local conditions and specificity. The RDF has a network of professional Experts-Interviewers with great experience in conduct of questionnaire, focus-groups, case-studies and other research techniques to be scaled up throughout the country. The RDF Specialists have performed researches related to land, pasture and water reforms, to local self-government, agriculture, decentralization, rural community based development, gender issues, common law and cultural heritage, to public awareness on these or other programs and service, conflicts emerged around natural resources, and vulnerable groups’ access to resources.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The RDF Specialists are delivering in-depth analysis of the rural development projects’ or programs’ processes and results with application of world methods for assessment and knowledge of local contest. Monitoring and evaluation includes a survey of all documents, determination of indicators based on which a level of projects’ success is measured, a diagnostics of problem areas, and development of recommendations on program improvement. Apart from elaboration of practical recommendations, the RDF is rendering support with application of these recommendations, and proposes technical assistance with program adaptation and improvement.

Education and Training

RDF is conducting interactive training of various groups, which is developed with consideration of needs and a level of customers’ preparedness in Russian and Kyrgyz languages. Educational trainings allow to clients to receive a maximum useful and interesting for them information is short term. Learning process is arranged in such a way that the clients, while gaining new experience at training, would be able to apply it in the course of implementation of their projects and in everyday life. Trainings are conducted on various directions, such as community organization up-building, strengthening their capacity, strategic planning and fundraising; conflict management that arise around natural resources, settlement of disputes between various ethnical groups with the use of different methods, including a “photo-voice” method, efficient awareness and proper public informing, GPS-learning and joint mapping, rational use of natural resources, traditional knowledge and its importance in the contemporary everyday life usage. A process of training includes different innovation methods for delivery of a complex information presentation, which allows to simplify a process of knowledge perception and digestion. In the course of trainings, our trainers are paying a lot of attention to practice, and allocate sufficient time for practical sessions.

Internship Program

RDF is providing an opportunity for students and Kyrgyz and another countries of far and near abroad university graduates to participate in RDF researches and field works, to gain practical experience in the issues of rural development, natural resources management, gender issues and in issues of conflict management. Interns have an opportunity not only to gain new experience and knowledge, but also to demonstrate their capacity and knowledge, to actively participate in the course of these or other project implementation, and to submit their recommendations and vision of development. RDF is always glad to work with the youth and ambitious young people, to share information and expertise with them, and to render intellectual support. All interns that have a possibility to gain experience with RDF, became members of a big team, and within long time are communicating with RDF.

Arrangement of Exchange Visits

Is done with participation of foreign Specialists from different countries. They are aimed at familiarization withKyrgyzstanexperience in the area of agriculture, village and small town development, as well as at building sustainable partnership relations with various international and national institutions and foundations. The RDF is rendering both technical and so content support, prepares not only presentations of different organizations, but also arranges field visits and familiarization directly on-site. The RDF also organizes exchange visits of Kyrgyz Specialists to different countries to exchange experience on issues related to land reform, village and rural economy development, and on other issues in the sphere of development.

Arrangement of Workshops and Conferences

RDF is rendering services on organization of various workshops and conferences, involved not only in implementation of all technical side of workshop, but also in information part preparation. Workshops and conferences delivered by RDF are getting highest scores in terms of technical support, and gaining many positive feedbacks with regards to content of delivered workshop or conference. The RDF Specialists are experienced in arrangement of workshops, meetings and conferences with participation of more than 220 people both in Bishkek, and so under field conditions.

Intellectual Support

The RDF Specialists are involved in provision of service on preparation of project proposals, analysis of local markets and possibilities related to various directions, in provision of information on search of potential sources of financing projects on regional development, and in preparation of project proposal in accordance with the application’s requirements and criteria. Also, our Experts are delivering consultancy on efficient filling in of applications and render assistance in methodological preparation of projects.

PR service

RDF is involved in development of information printed materials and their processing into finished product. PR-Specialists will conduct consultations on efficient laying out of information material, design of printed materials and printing of PR materials in the form of books, booklets, leaflets and calendars.



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