Conflict resolution around the pastures used by foreigners

The boundaries between the Southern parts of the Kyrgyz Republic and its neighbor countries are considered hot zones; this is confirmed by frequent conflicts in those territories. These disputes especially increase in the summer time because of how resources are allocated between residents of different countries in that region. In 2014, due to the increasing number of conflicts, the government, together with the deputies, conducted an analysis of the conflict. They found that one of the main sources of conflict was the issue of pasture use. Since 2009, PF RDF has been involved in the enactment of the transfer of powers of pasture management in the border areas with the Parliament and the Government. During this time, together with the Department of pastures at the Ministry of Agriculture, RDF was able to lobby for the adoption of amendments to the Law “On pastures”. Since November 2014, RDF launched a new project “Conflict resolution around the pastures used by foreigners”, with the support of NED.

Main facts

Project implementation period:November, 2014-October, 2015

Project location: Border areas of Batken region

Donor: NED

Partners: Department of Agriculture of KG,Department of pastures of Kyrgyz Republic, local authorities.

Contact person:


Purpose of the project

To prevent the occurrence of conflicts around Kyrgyz pastures used by foreigners in the border regions of the Batken region through the development of mechanisms and grazing procedures of other states in the Kyrgyz pastures.


1) To conduct research and determine opportunities for Tajik citizens to graze on Kyrgyz pastures.

  1. On the basis of intergovernmental agreements
  2. On the basis of the rights and powers of local government bodies

2) Based on the results of research to develop mechanisms for providing pasture for foreign citizens, with all the attendant regulations, instructions and forms for contracts for Local Self-Governance and pasture committees will be developed.

3) Conduct an advocacy campaign for adoption and implementation of developed mechanisms at the Governmental level (Department of pastures) of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Activities of the project

  1. Conduct an international conference with stakeholders in Bishkek: representatives of local government bodies, district and regional administrations, representatives of the Government and the Parliament of the two countries. Develop presentation and discussion under the project mechanisms and documentation capabilities and their implementation in practice.
  2. To hold parliamentary hearings on pasture issues.
  3. Organization of 3 meetings of local government bodies: regional, district administrations of Batken region with deputies (members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, as well as people from the Batken region) of the Parliament and members of the government (if before the end of 2014 the bills or Agreement will not be signed)
  4. Dissemination of the project’s developed mechanisms (benefits) among stakeholders, through the Department of pastures (Order) in meetings and round tables on the ground.

Expected results

1) Develop Mechanisms and rules for rights providing the use of Kyrgyz pastures by Tajik citizens on the governmental level and on the level of local government bodies.

2) Develop manual for representatives of local government bodies and pasture committees of the border areas on the implementation and use of developed mechanisms for citizens of other states.

3) In agreement with the Pasture Department, develop the necessary forms and documentation of the contract for implementation of elaborated mechanisms in the framework of the project

4) Hold meetings with representatives of local government bodies, regional, district administration Batken region with deputies (members of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Agriculture, as well as people from the Batken region) of the Parliament and members of the Government.

5) Hold advocacy fellowship to resolve conflicts around the issues of enabling Tajik livestock grazing on Kyrgyz pastures in the border territories of Batken area.

6) Organize an international conference, where presented developed in the framework of the project mechanisms of using Kyrgyz pastures by foreign nationals.



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