Local Solutions for Local Development

Local Solutions for Local Development

Local Solutions for Local Development

(Русский) Местные решения для местного развития

(Русский) Местные решения для местного развития

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Rural Development Fund (RDF) - is a not-for-profit and nongovernmental policy and research organization to conduct research, develop policy recommendations, and implement activities in the field of the rural development.

years of practical experience
(Русский) людей которые получили помощь

Our partners

(Русский) Snow Leopard Conservancy
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(Русский) New Venture Fund
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(Русский) Pawanka Fund
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(Русский) The Christensen Fund
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(Русский) International land coalition
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(Русский) Silicon valley community foundation
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Our team

RDF Human Resources

Human resources, without doubt, is the main strength and power of RDF. The RDF experts have been involved in the rural development and land reform issues since mid 90s and have strong experience in research as well as in supervision and implementation of various rural development projects. RDF researchers were involved in a number of projects commissioned by the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Local Government Institute, Soros Foundation, Swiss Development Corporation, USAID, National Endowment for Democracy (NED), UN Women, OSCE, and other donors.

Traditional knowledge and folklore expert

Jyldyz Tilekeeva

Livestock expert

Kenesh Shapakov

Kuluipa Akmatova

Financial Manager

Maksat Choduraev

Community Worker

Tynystan Kerimaliev


Baktygul Nartaeva

Tashbolot Abdrahmanov

Scientific consultant

Altynai Achylova

Livestock Specialist and Pasture

Altynbek Karybekov


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